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Do you coach remotely?

Yes, while I do meet with some clients in Wakefield, MA, I also provide distance coaching to anyone not in the area.

What are sessions with you usually like?

The goal of our work together is to move you toward action. We’ll be working to identify the changes you need to make and what you need to do to get there. In tight moments, you’re used to giving yourself away and compromising on what you want. It’s my job to remind you of what you really want to be doing. You’ll receive the advice, accountability and support you need to get there.

How often would I need to see you?

If you’re anything like me, once you’ve decided that it’s time to move, you want to get moving right away! Real change and real movement requires the momentum that comes with regular contact. As we get started, we’d be meeting weekly to focus on your goals and on the steps toward meeting them. Once you’re off and running and feel confident moving forward independently, we’ll decrease our meeting frequency based on your needs and preference.

You’re a licensed therapist. Does that mean my insurance would pay for our sessions?

Using insurance requires that you have mental health symptoms and that I assign you a diagnosis. My clients come to me with problems that simply require consultation and skills training. You shouldn’t be assigned a mental health diagnosis just because you need some guidance, direction, or consultation. Coaching is a fee for service investment in building the life you want and deserve.

How do you handle scheduling changes?

I require 24 hours notice in order to avoid cancellation fees. If you do need to cancel at the last minute, I will make every effort to reschedule you within the same business week.  If you are able to reschedule, you will not be charged. In the unfortunate event that you do need to cancel without proper notice and are unable to reschedule, you will be charged the full fee of your meeting.

How long should I expect to work with you before I experience a change?

You’ll be choosing to change the week you make contact with me and should expect to experience change with each session as you take the steps to build the life you want.

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