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I have a history of helping leaders find personal and professional success.

Not one or the other, but both. Working with me, you’ll identify what you want but don’t have and you will learn the movement required to get it. I help people make a choice — to go after what they want, not just what they need. I work with business leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to making a change but haven’t made it happen. Yet.

You can make a bold move in your life. You just need to master your mindset.

  • Learn the difference between actual obstacles that need problem solving and those you’re creating in your head.
  • Build a “Hell, Yes!” life.
  • Learn when and how to say “Hell, No!”
  • Be unapologetically you.
  • Remove the mental clutter that is getting in the way of you living your best life.

Success and personal fulfillment is not an either/or decision.

You get to have both but you have to choose both.

That choice will challenge your fears, what you think you deserve, and what you think you’re capable of.

I’m here to help you choose both anyway.

You can’t just Kumbaya your way through fear. You have to go to war.

To get going on your game plan, CONTACT ME TODAY!

Consulting Packages

$300/hr with one week of Voxer** support
$450/90 min with two weeks of Voxer** support

Start Here. The Mindset Starter is for those leaders who know they need to get moving again but need the roadmap first. You know you’re meant to lead but suddenly find yourself caught in analysis paralysis, unsure of what to do next and when.

  • Get clarity on what you want but don’t have
  • Learn the movement required to get it
  • Get crystal clear on your next goal and leave with specific strategies and responses for managing anticipated fears, stressors, or obstacles as you take action on your goals.

**Only available once per person, per quarter

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SOS Intensive: Soar Out of the Suck, Stuck, and Shit with a Half Day Intensive

$875/3hrs with one month of Voxer/ E-Support

When you’re so unhappy, you’d rather just burn the whole thing down and run away, it’s time to send an SOS.

You’re stuck in the shit, living in the weeds, or lost. However you describe it, I see the red flag you’re waving and am available for a quick, targeted response.

  • You might be in the middle of a significant launch, uplevel, or pivot.
  • You might be in the crash of burnout after pushing hard for months on end.
  • Heck, you might be experiencing success at a rate that almost feels unsettling as you sort through the “first world problems” that accompany a sudden wave of success.

Regardless of circumstance, you know one call will not get it done and you need immediate relief and an individualized plan of attack for what’s eating you.

  • We break it all down so we can build it all–and YOU–back up
  • Find your confidence by tuning into your competence
  • Leave our time together with the insight necessary for getting back in control.
  • You’ll have a clear plan for the specific steps to take next and leave with the necessary confidence to tackle them head on.

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$750/month 1 90 min call, 1 20 min SOS call, Voxer Support**

Monthly Mindset Mentorship is a monthly retainer package for leaders, owners, planners, and forward thinkers. Set yourself up for continued success by following up a starter assessment or intensive with monthly mindset mentorship.

You’re likely in one of 4 places:

  • Launch mode
  • Burning out and melting down
  • Stuck as f**k because of fear and you’re unsure of next steps
  • Successful and experienced enough to know that without regular and consistent attention to your mental game, it could all go to hell in a handcart at any given moment.

Monthly retainer packages offer the consistency, accountability, and support necessary for lasting success and growth.

  • Receive the individualized, tailor made big picture planning and vision that can only come when you are able to move beyond building foundations or putting out fires.

**3 month minimum commitment

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Flat rate: $3,700 (OR 2 Installments of $2,000 each) 3-month Program, 2 90 min calls/mo, Voxer/ E-Support for duration of plan

You Uplevelers are managing a lot!

  • You’re trying to change your message without losing your client base.
  • You’re strategizing about how to avoid losing traction and minimize costs
  • You’re worrying about whether or not your current clients will buy into your new message
  • You might be facing the task of starting entirely over and living with all the feelings and frustrations that can bring
  • You’re figuring out what it means to lead a business team as you hire and communicate with assistants, designers, and other team members
  • You’re mastering a juggling act as you shut down old business services or programs that no longer serve you while welcoming in the new, positive energy for the things you want to create going forward.

You’re facing a whole wave of new expectations to manage as everyone, including yourself has an opinion of where you should go and how you should get there.

Shutting out the noise can be challenging enough. Trying to do that while also shutting down the fear is daunting and intimidating. It’s just as confusing when you find yourself successful by everyone else’s standards but success has brought you nothing but confusion, resentment, and stress.

You thought success would feel good, right?

Join the Uplevelers Program While You Raise Your Game

  • Get clear on what’s working and what isn’t
  • Design next steps that feel closer to you and the business you want to build
  • Tackle the fears of change with insight, support, and guidance as you redesign your business and life.

Success can feel good and it can feel easy once you learn to own your truth, stake claim on your dreams, and learn to live unapologetically.

You can’t one and done upleveling so don’t try. It only sets you up to fail. Pave your own path to your next uplevel with passion, purpose, and direction.

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